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Author – Dr. Joseph Murphy

“Subconscious Mind”, the basic foundation of the human mind’s existence. This is where all the data is stored right from birth and experts believe that this part of the brain is the most powerful one, and Dr. Joseph Murphy has perfectly shown the exact power of this Subconscious Mind and in what ways we as human beings can get the better of it.

If you are a very beginner of joining this group of book readers, this can become a perfect starter. This book will provide you a reason for how books can be our best friend who will never betray us. It will give you a different perspective of living a prosperous and powerful life in your terms. It comes with a package of life-changing learnings in about 75000 words that we can apply in our lives. And here I come with a complete list of the incredible learnings about this book in just about 1800 words. With that let’s start with the author’s starting quote: –

“I have seen miracles happen to men and women in every walk of life all over the world. Miracles will happen to you, too- when you begin using the magic power of Your Subconscious Mind.”

*Target Audience of this book

If you are having these types of questions in your heart for your life, then this book is the answer.

  • What is the reason that my days are not going well and others are so very happy in their life?
  • Why the other man is so successful in his profession while I am still struggling after working hard so much?
  • How will my prayers be answered?
  • Why is it many immoral and irreligious people succeed and prosper and enjoy radiant health?
  • How can my struggling relationship improve and be successful?

This book will make you believe that there is some power within our brains. This power if practiced with the techniques mentioned in this book can bring wonders in our problematic lives. It will define BELIEF and DESIRE in a whole new way and bring many things in perspective in our lives.

The Learnings of Subconscious Mind

Below is a list of all the learning that we will cover. A click on any of these links will take us to that specific section.

Learning on life

  • We will understand how important Faith is. Like if we have faith in the healing power of certain waters, the water will heal us. This happens because of the faith we have on the water and not the water that has healed us. Faith is an idea good or bad that we accept it in our conscious mind and through this, it gets stored in our Subconscious mind. And this faith is responsible for the healing of the sufferer. The good faith that we keep in our Subconscious mind has the power to heal any injuries. Even the medicine that we take will only work if we have the faith and the will to recover.
  • We always find ways to make our prayers fulfilled and do different things like fasting, worshipping, etc. And have a question about “How will be my prayer be answered?”. This becomes possible by affirmations to that state where no negativity present in the current situation can affect our prayer. The prayer should be based on the truth you desire and this truth gets accepted by your subconscious mind. Do not weaken your prayer by saying “I wish or I hope so”. Our feeling about the work to be done decides how badly we want the work to be fulfilled.
  • Quotes like You are here to grow, expand and unfold spiritually, mentally and materially. You have the inalienable right to fully develop and express yourself along all lines.”. these quotes question our intellect and thinking about what we are doing and what we should do with our lives and in which way we can do it.
  • The realization of happiness is not in big achievements but in small things that we do for mankind. True happiness will come when we believe in our Subconscious mind and have faith in its healing power. It can heal our body in the very right way that we expect it to be. We just have to relax and in peace and spread goodwill to all which will make our environment a happy place to be in. Happiness can be inculcated as a habit by being thankful for whatever you have.
  • Negative deeds done for someone else will come back to us in many ways. And the very start of it happens immediately by the loss of mood and the sense of guilt that will occur in the mind and with that instance the peace, the harmony all is lost. Simultaneously the good deeds, the polite and courteous behavior towards others will come back to you in many wonderful ways.
  • Old age is not any tragedy but a process of human life. We grow older right from birth and old age is just a phase that is not in our control. But what is in our full control is the way we take this age as. We should fill this phase with utmost peace, humility, goodwill, and harmony and be in full spirit. As a man with full spirit is an inspiration for many youngsters. As youngsters too we do have a responsibility to handle them with the utmost care, patience, and kindness. As it’s the least they expect from us. And in return of this good deed, it will give back to you in many great ways.

Learning on mental strength

  • Positive affirmations are the secret behind every impossible deed that has been made possible. If we say to our conscious mind that “I can’t do it.”, “I am old now”, our subconscious mind makes sure that we actually cannot do it or are old enough. Because you have given it the affirmation that the particular job can’t be done. As the author says, “Never finish a negative statement, reverse it immediately, and wonders will happen in your life”. Like we can say “It’s a very difficult job to do, but not impossible”. It becomes important to repeat constructive and positive affirmations within ourselves to keep our self-positive and in good health.
  • We will be introduced to the concept of Auto-suggestion and what wonders can it bring to every life. For those who heard this word for the first time as I did when I read it. It is a way by which we suggest something usually positive to ourselves for storing it in our subconscious mind. Through this, we get free from the constant negative environment that makes us believe that we are not capable of.
  • We will understand that the way we think about ourselves, every part of our being gets expressed without saying anything. And this happens completely due to the impressed or thoughts we have provided to the Subconscious mind. So this becomes more important for us to stop hurting ourselves with negative thoughts. Even getting angry, fearful, jealous is the very poisons that create a very harmful environment within our mind and this environment can be seen clearly on the outside. We must give our mind life-giving thoughts. Be sure to speak to your Subconscious mind with utmost authority and command, and it will abide by it.
  • We will get to know the Visualization Technique where it shows Imagination is a very powerful thing. More than we generally assume it to be in our daily life. It is so powerful that if you form it so very real and have complete Faith in your mental image. That idea can appear one day in your objective world.
  • We have the power to make barriers to the kind of thoughts we want to entertain in our life. By knowing exactly what we want from life, that is, peace, health, inspiration, harmony, and abundance. Knowing this we can obstruct any thieves like hatred, anger, jealousy, and fear from entering our mind.

Learning on relationships

  • We all have a feeling of having an honest, loving, and caring life partner. But first, if we want these traits to be in them, then we have to attain all these traits first.
  • We always complain about the negative incidents happening in our relations like divorce, break up, misunderstandings, etc. It’s shocking to realize that the first thought of these emotions takes birth in the respective individual’s mind itself. And gets stored in the subconscious mind as a command and the latter happens.
  • Love is all about understanding, goodwill, respect for the other person. It works the same way as good deeds or bad deeds. The more you possess these traits of understanding and respect the more shall come back to you.

Learning on pain management

  • Many times we have asked to our self this question “Why the situation is only bad for me?”, we will realize that it’s the problems within us that affect more and not the problem present in the outside. The problems within are the negative thoughts that we inherit in our minds, and we react according to those thoughts. The present problem is just a path to bring the feelings out from the brain to action.
  • An amazing quote from the author which has the perfect answer to our question on pain of life:

“We should strongly cease talking about our ailments or giving them a name. The only sap from which they draw life is your attention and fear of them”.

  • It will make us learn and believe that it is there in our brain which operates our body. The Subconscious mind keeps all our body organs operative. It’s the attitude that is in our control. The thoughts, ideas, and beliefs that we induce within ourselves, results in how our mental and physical health is. As the author says, “Affirm the good and the bad will vanish”. Our every word has the power to clean our mind of wrong ideas and replace it with the good ones.
  • “Mental effort is invariably self-defeated, eventuating always in the opposite of what is desired. The suggestions of powerlessness to overcome the condition dominate the mind”. This sentence is probably the reason for which we get the opposite of what we had prayed or wished. The learning is that we should never force the Subconscious mind to do anything but convince it. Never try to say phrases like “I try so hard, or I use all my will power I have”. Such attempts make you fail more than they work in your favor.
  • We easily fall prey to words or situations that can hurt is in any way, but we forget “You cannot be hurt when you know that you are master of your thoughts, reactions, and emotions. Emotions follow thoughts and you have the power to reject all thoughts which may disturb or upset you”. “Realize that something good can come out of your suffering. You have not suffered in vain”.
  • Fear is the essence of growth. As if there will be no fear of anything than the will to overcome that fear will not urge. And in this process, we would never know the true potential of an individual. As Ralph Waldo Emerson, said, “Do the thing you are afraid to do, and the death of fear is certain”.


Now we come to the end of the blog, but before leaving this post I want you to go with a question in your mind about yourself that “How can I achieve my dream at this point of my life??”, and answer this I want you to practice the learnings that we just learned from this post. Learnings like Positive affirmations, having belief and faith will give you the answer. After all, you have given your precious time for me must not go in vain and actually, this very question that we all have in our mind must be answered.

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