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books to read under 200 pages

books to read under 200 pages
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With the evolvement of the world’s economy from millions to billions to trillions, there is one thing which is becoming shorter and shorter for professionals and students, that is TIME. Nowadays every individual is running short of their “me time” which is actually in true terms responsible for their inner growth. That’s why as the time is getting shorter the books are also going shorter. But that doesn’t mean that the content quality of the books is declining. I present you here with some short books that are must book to read under 200 pages.

These books will not take much of your time yet will make you feel fresh and motivated and above all make your inner self happy and rejuvenated.

The collection of books focuses both on life and your goals and how you can develop a never give up attitude.

With this note, I shall leave you with the reviews of the book and will look forward to your feedback.

Happy reading and wishing you all the luck and hope that the books will be of great help to you.

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Be your own sunshine by james allen book review
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This book is particularly a collection of four brilliant works of the author which are – As a Man Thinketh, From Passion to Peace, Man: King of Mind, body, and Circumstances, and Foundation Stones to Happiness and Success.

What the author in this book or by his work is trying to do is he wants his readers to believe in the fact that “They themselves are the makers of themselves.It’s just about believing or having that trust within themselves that everything is achievable.

This book beautifully brings up a balance between your inner world of thoughts and the outer world of action where generally we all believe that there is a huge difference. The book comprises of positive thoughts and effective ways by which you and I can build up a peaceful mind where there is no negativity within.

It points to the very barriers that hinder you from success. The author wants you to know yourself better and how strong you are and most importantly how much strong you can be.

So, if you are looking for some answers that you have in your daily lives regarding yourself, I will recommend you this book. A book with simple vocabulary usage and one of the must of books to read under 200 pages.

It has an Amazon rating of 4.5/5.



Life is What you make it by Preeti Shenoy book review
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For me personally, a self-reflecting book which when you will read, will tend you to ask many questions regarding the life you are living.

A book that revolves around a young girl named Ankita in her 20s blessed with everything that she wants. From her career to her personal love life. But this blessing was short-lived as her life came crashing down when she was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. This is where the story and the life of the girl takes a U-turn.

This book is the story of the struggle of that girl and how she copped up with it strongly with faith and determination and what all life lessons she learnt during this process which in turn will be helpful for you too.

This is a gripping story portraying how love, hope and determination can together win over everything, even destiny. An engaging story and a must-read which gives us many life lessons through a brilliant story based in India and its people.

Amazon Rating 4/5.

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Who Will Cry When You Die By Robin Sharma book review
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I can say one of my personal favourites. This book has the ability to pump you up towards your goals for which you are willing to put on the effort. It brings you a sense of peace within the mind and builds up the courage that in whatever stage you are at this moment, just trust the process, things will be great, your life will get the significance you desire.

The book consists of about 101 topics that deal exclusively with the everyday problems and challenges we all face with the simple yet effective solutions that will help every common individual to deal with them.

Trust me, the book will get your attention as you will find the topics more and more relatable and the solutions more executable. This book is all about living your life more peacefully and making sure when you go from this world you give a lot more than what you acquired in your entire life.

Amazon rating 4.5/5



How to Develop A Never Give Up Attitude review
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This book hits you at that stage of your condition where you select to just give up on the goal you did put your heart into, the time when you decide that you can no longer push forward to achieve your goals.

The author uses simple and easy to apply steps by which you can regather yourself and gain the focus you have lost. From achieving small targets to going forward to achieve the big one, and how these small things will lead you to reach the destination you desire, the author has covered it all.

Lost your self-confidence? This book consists of 11 basic steps by which you can with everyday practice boost your self-confidence. Each step has been explained with its significance and how one step is connected to each other.

It is certainly a book that will help you when you need it. A must of books to read under 200 pages and a brilliant book to practice to rediscover your own self who never gave up on the problems that he faced in his journey to achieve his dreams.

Amazon rating 4.5/5.

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Simplify Your Life book review
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If you are looking for a self-help book that has some different tastes. Something more relatable and light on you than this book can be the ideal one. As the book suggests it focuses on simplifying life and how we can achieve it.

A small fresh book which is concerned with your happiness in life and how you can achieve it irrespective of the environment you are in but by bringing change in your behaviour and mindset.

This didn’t sound very surprising to me that our behaviour and mindset actually contributes to about 40% of our happiness because we all know it somewhere or the other. But the problem is how many of us actually do something to be happy.

Well, the author does it for us. He has provided some easy strategies that you can use to be actually happy at your home, work, professionally, and socially. This book is a must for entrepreneurs, professionals, and parents.

A must of books to read under 200 pages and it’s not even 120 pages. So, go ahead and do read this and share the happiness that comes with this book.

Amazon rating 4/5.


These are some of the books to read under 200 pages, of course, there are many more and I will keep you updated with them as well in this blog.

The books will cost you a little but trust me this will be the best investment you will ever make for your professional as well as personal growth.

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Remember, it’s your website, so these are my opinions and not the top 5 all-time great books. But yes, these books are a must to read. Especially, if you are a beginner in reading.

Happy reading as it has the capacity to change your life.


My name is Susobhan Bose, an Entrepreneur by profession, Engineer by skill, a motivator by choice and a serious enthusiast of books. I do discuss topics regarding book reviews/Motivation/Inspiration. Books do play a huge part in my life in getting many solutions of my problems in a much better and mature way and I am committed to provide you those exact lesons through this blog in simple yet effective way. This blog will contain book reviews and articles containing topics like Attitde development, human relation values, effective biographies, anxiety management, stress management , and many more. Hope you will like like it. Happy reading.

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