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I am here “To make your life more amazing, reasonable, and knowledgeable”. To start this about us section, I want to congratulate you for choosing this path of learning life lessons from the great authors of all time. Also it feels great that you have chosen this site for your learning medium. I promise you that I will never let you down.

Susobhan Bose

My name is Susobhan Bose, an Engineer by profession, entrepreneur, motivator, and a serious enthusiast of books. Books do play a huge part in my life. It gives me many ways of dealing with problems in a much greater way. And I will provide those great ways through this blog.

I have read over 70 books of different genres and collected many life lessons that we can actually apply in our daily lives. I will provide learnings from books on, positive attitude development, intelligence, human relation values, famous and inspirational personalities, anxiety management, stress management, subconscious mind, financial independence and entrepreneurship. These lessons will give you a lifetime of learning in a very short span of time. Trust me, this blog will give you many reasons to make books your best friend.

In return I would just want your support and feedback for my work anything positive or negative.