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Affirmations to start the day
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A book discussing the very foundation that should be kept in mind in order to sell anything. It focuses on the power of affirmations that will help to start your day in a positive note and how it can bring the true meaning of success and happiness in life. And how to grab hold of them to empower yourself to live a life of achievement.

Points like what should be done when you have a tough day in business. How to handle a “NO” from the customer. What to do when we feel depressed due to lack of sales are discussed in this book.

It connects us by these basic points that we face on our initiative of selling anything. And how we should consider those points and make it helpful for our own good. It is recommended to practice the affirmations


This book is for the people who are in the sales business and want to know the very requirements to excel in this business. It doesn’t provide you with the very strategies of selling anything. But what it does is that it works on our mind and develops it. So that even if we don’t fall on our journey but we know to bounce back strongly. It will provide you with such processes that if followed will help you in coming back stronger than ever before and almost every day.

It consists of affirmations represented in scrolls that when repeated every day it gets stored in our subconscious mind which in the process helps us in responding to the difficult situation, we fall in our everyday life.


There are 9 affirmations that we all should go through almost every day before starting our day. These will instil a sense of positivity in the mind to face the day with full confidence and persistence. A click on any of the below topics will get you to the particular topic.


From today I shall grow my career on the foundation of patience and not without it. I shall attain every new initiative as an experience irrelevant to its result of success or failure.

Moreover, in truth, “Failure is man’s inability to reach his goals in life, whatever they may be”. The basic flaw that creates a difference between failure and success is the habit that one attains. Good habits that would be beneficial for my goals need to be attained. And bad habits that would take me nowhere needs to be omitted.

For the start, I shall begin a habit of reading these affirmations daily and practice in real life. As these affirmations have the power to take up the good habits required for the attainment of the success that I want.


Henceforth I will look on all things with love whatever the circumstances come. People may reject my face, my speech, my clothes; yet my love for people will have the power to melt them.

It’s about being grateful for every new challenge that will be encountered since these challenges have the opportunity for me to grow.

I will love the ambitious for they can inspire me; the failures for they will teach me; the young for the faith they hold; the old for the lessons they give; I will love the beautiful as well as the not so beautiful for the souls that I would focus.

For me, love will only be the weapon to handle other people when I will confront them. This love will have the power to open his/her heart and make it difficult for them to reject me as well as my product which I would sell.

And most importantly I will love myself. I will keep a deep conscious regarding what goes in my heart and mind. I would never be attracted to evil and despair, rather I will uplift it with knowledge and experience.

This love will be the most important skill I would develop as because if I don’t develop this skill all the knowledge and the skills of the world will be worthless.


“If I persist, if I continue to try, If I continue to charge forward, I will succeed.”

From now, I will be a lion who will refuse to be with the sheep who are always complaining and weeping but instead I will create my own path. A path in which I shall not stop with any kind of failure, even if it comes a number of times.

I will concentrate on building my path to success one brick at a time. These bricks will be my failures, my every attempt that I will put in for the success I desire.

I will consider for each failure to sell, will increase my chance for success in the next attempt. Each disrespect from the customer will take me one step further to a yes. It’s a hard fact that I must fail a number of times to succeed only once.

And I will put that extra effort every time I am in the market. One extra effort to sell irrespective that day is a good day or a bad one, I will put in that effort when others cease their struggle, then mine will begin.

So long as there is breath in me, that long will I persist. For now, I know one of the greatest principle of success; if I persist long enough I will win.


I am rare, and there is a value in all rarity. Therefore, I am valuable. I am better equipped in both mind and body than all my ancestors.

But my skill, my heart, and my body will get destroyed unless I put them to good use. I have unlimited potential yet only a small portion of my brain, and my body I do use. This can be increased to 100 times which shall I do from today.

I am not here on this earth by a mere chance. But I am here for a purpose and that purpose is to grow into a responsible person who will have the ability to give a purpose to others. One who will be an inspiration for others.

I will focus on increasing my knowledge of mankind, myself, and the product I sell. I will practice, improve, and polish the words I say to sell my goods for this is all I have and I need to be the best in it. The best to that extend that I can sell my product in one sales talk.

Yes, I am nature’s greatest miracle and nature knows no defeat. Hence, I too will win, I will become a great salesman for my uniqueness.


And since it will be my last, I shall not waste even a moment mourning on yesterday’s misfortunes, yesterday’s defeat.

This day is all that I have and I should feel extremely lucky that I got this day as many people on this earth didn’t get to greet today’s sunrise. I am indeed a fortunate man and today’s hours are but a bonus.

And this bonus is for me, to achieve the purpose for which I am born. It is an extra opportunity for me to become the man I know I can be. This day is my day to excel.

And to excel on this very day I need to leave procrastination which can be a roadblock in my path to achieving my purpose. Instead of this, I should look to fulfill my day by taking actions. Today I shall give myself in sacrifice and work; tomorrow I will have nothing to give, and there will be none to receive.

From this day, I shall focus on making every hour count and each minute I will trade only for something of value.  I shall invest that extra minute to sell my products and ensure that if this day is my last, I will make it my best.


“Weak is he who permits his thoughts to control his actions; strong is he who forces his actions to control his thoughts.”

And this action-forcing one’s thoughts become more important when one comes in the sales market. For my mood has a very important role in the sales that I will do.

As if I bring anger, disgust, and rudeness to my customers, they too will react in the very same way. On the other hand, if I bring joy, enthusiasm, brightness and laughter to my customers they will also give me the same reaction.

Each day, when I awake. I will have a counter plan against my negative moods which will help in controlling my emotions during tough times. Plan like whenever I will feel depressed, ill, fearful, uncertain, incompetent, and insignificant.  I will sing, double my labour, plunge ahead, raise my voice, remember my past success, and remember my goals respectively.

It will be also important to understand and recognize the moods of whom I will make a call. I will make space for his anger and irritation of today as he doesn’t know to control his emotions. I know that tomorrow his mood will change and will be a joy to talk to.

No longer will I judge a man on one meeting; I will not fail to call again tomorrow on he who meets me with hate today. As he may have a tough day in the office today but tomorrow, he will again cheer up and buy my product. Hence, from today I will master my moods through positive actions and when I master my moods, I will control my destiny.


This laughter becomes more so obvious when it’s realized that today’s concern will seem foolish five to ten years from now.

I will focus on four words which will help me laugh even when I am confronted with man or deeds which can bring forth tears of mine. The words are “This too shall pass”. These words will give me the strength to face any adversity. Not only this, but these words will also control my emotions whenever I will become too overconfident and puffed with success.

So, basically, I will enjoy today’s happiness today and not wait for the right moment to come. As whatever is today is for today itself as today’s success or failure will be irrelevant tomorrow.

As when I laugh at all things, everything will be reduced to its proper size. I will laugh at my failures and it will vanish in clouds of new dreams. The same way I will laugh at my successes and they will shrink to their true value.

Each day will be a success only when my smiles will bring smiles to others as well as if I bring anger to others, I will be a failure in sales as well.

Hence, from now I shall shed tears but those will be tears of sweat, for there is no place of actual tears in the market place. My smile will be my asset and by this, I will make my brand in the market.


Just as the field of clay touched with the genius of the human becomes a castle. A piece of coal touched by the brain of the genius of human can be converted to electricity.

If it is possible for clay and coal to have their value multiplied by hundred, can I not make my name, my value a hundred times bigger? The answer is of course a YES.

It’s just about changing my perspective regarding my failures, my ignorance, and my inabilities to a positive direction. Since, these all things do form the foundation of bigger achievements which if not present, there are chances that it will never happen.

For making things more practical I will set goals for the day, the week, the month, the year, and my life. I will consider my best performance of the past and multiply it a hundredfold.

My sole competition will be with me, to surpass my own deeds that I did yesterday is all that will matter.

From today I will work on multiplying my value a hundredfold and for this, I will never commit the terrible crime of aiming too low, will never be content with my performance in the market, will always raise my goals as soon as they are attained. I will always strive to make the next hour better than this one.


Because unless this is done, my dreams are worthless, my plans are just a piece of paper, and my goals are impossible.

I have to leave my procrastination and conquer my fear. And to achieve this I must act without hesitation which will help me get rid of my flutters in my heart.

I will not avoid the tasks of today and charge them to tomorrow for this tomorrow will never come. Let me act now even though my actions may not bring happiness or success for it is better to act and fail than not to act and struggle.

Only actions will determine my value in the market place and to multiply my value I will multiply my actions.

I will call on ten who can buy my product and every failure will make me more motivated to call the next one.

This is the very time. This is the very place. And I am the very man who will act now and be successful, happy and peaceful in the very future of my career.


With this, I will end this blog which inspired me writing it and surely will do to you the same.

But this conclusion will not conclude the affirmations that must be followed. As these affirmations do has the potential to excel in any field we are.

Before everything, it’s important to prove yourself, that you can endure the life of a salesman for it is not an easy lot you have chosen to be. As in this profession, the rewards are great if one succeeds but it is great because very few succeed.

But you are in the upper hand as you know the basics that have been followed by the greats of the field. And I wish you the very best in all your initiatives that you will act on. And even if you fail, remember it’s always better to act and fail than to keep waiting for the right moment.

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