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We accept it or not, personal finance is a subject that is a must for our personal growth. It’s the absence of this subject due to which many people struggle to get a balance in life. Because they are in huge debt and the debtors are running behind them. The struggle is real, and a remedy is required to get over it. And here comes the importance of finance books that we all should go through. I have put here 5 must-read finance books which I have read and felt the need to share the information of the books.

And I am very sure the books which are recommended here have those remedies that will cure you of financial difficulties.

So, wishing you luck and hope the books will be of great help to you and your belongings.



Courtesy – Amazon

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Today’s youth should go ahead with their lives and most importantly their finances. This book didn’t take me a lot of time to rate it as the must-read book for all of us and learn from its lessons on finance and get out of this so-called “Rat Race” which we all are in knowingly or unknowingly.

Number 1 in this list of 5 must-read finance books, we start with this book by Robert T. Kiyosaki. Robert T Kiyosaki has shown the world what actual education is, in the real world. The book dictates its learnings through an engaging story of two men who influenced him greatly in his life. He denotes these men as his two fathers, one his own father (poor dad) and the other his best friend’s father (rich dad). This book focuses on financial literacy, financial independence, and building wealth through investing that today’s education system lacks.

Blog Link – https://subhcontent.in/rich-dad-poor-dad-review-for-financial-independence/



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How to be rich? Is there any strategy or formula for being rich?  These are a few of the many questions we all have in our minds regarding wealth. And why shouldn’t we have these questions after all?? We all dream of achieving that tremendous inner peace, that comfort, that independence, that freedom. In short, we all dream of being UNSHAKEABLE. 

Well, I have found a book that addresses our questions with the perfect strategies and tools that contain the power of making us wealthy. This book contains the strategies given by over 50 most reputed and wealthy legends of the financial universe, including the most celebrated investor ever, Mr. Warren Buffet.

This book will show us the investment strategies that you and I should follow when investing in the share market.

The strategies will show us how the masters of the financial world prepare themselves for the market fall and earn profits by anticipating the fall and not just reacting to it. As a result, by knowing it, you and I both will benefit from the very thing that harms those who are unprepared.

BLOG Link – https://subhcontent.in/share-maket-basics-by-tony-robbins/



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AMAZON Link – https://amzn.to/3eEEApH

What if someone tells you that you can be rich by owning a credit card? Or you can be rich by avoiding collecting tons of information on personal finance, and instead of that do simple investments and be rich?

Sounds interesting right? Well, the author Mr. Ramit Sethi, an American personal finance advisor and entrepreneur, just gives the answers to these questions with his 2009 New York Times Best Seller Book.

This book focuses on understanding the barriers that keep us away from managing our money and then bring about a way by which our money comes on the right way so we can achieve our goals.

This book will introduce you to a Six Week Action Plan in which you will learn from knowing the secrets of credit cards, to how you can get the most out of the market with very little work. And finally, you will learn the importance of making mistakes in your financial journey.



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AMAZON Link https://amzn.to/3oeR0rm

A book which is a must-read. Especially for people who are just about to start their financial journey. The book provides us simple rules to follow in our lives regarding financial success which will help in acquiring more money and most importantly will teach you the importance of keeping that money and help your next generation to earn more.

This book takes learning in a new way, by telling the story of a person named Arkad who was the richest man in Babylon. Arkad shares the secret of becoming the wealthiest which is nothing but simple and easy-to-understand financial advice.

I highly recommend this book to everyone. This book serves the base of financial education and it will surely increase your hunger for reading more personal finance books in the very future.

GET A FINANCIAL LIFE (Personal Finance in Your Twenties and Thirties)


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AMAZON Link – https://amzn.to/3uJTrVj

Whether you earn a six-figure salary or a minimum wage, its important to know the rules of the game. And this book will show you that. Of course, this book is more for American readers, but the base remains the same for our Indians too.

We too need to know the tricks on how to deal with financial debts like car loans, student loans, etc. It’s important to know how to keep your costs low and your money safe. And much more financial advice that is very practical and executable.

This book is for the young, analytical, and thoughtful person who wants to grow both personally and financially. It doesn’t just show you the problems, but actually shows you the path where and how to solve the problem.


These are the 5 must-read finance books with the related links where you can get them.

Yes, these books will cost you a little but trust me this will be the best investment you will ever make for your financial growth.

Related blogs will be available soon.

Remember, it’s your website, so these are my opinions and not the top 5 all-time great books. But yes, these books are a must to read. Especially, if you are a beginner in reading.

Happy reading as it has the capacity to change your life.


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