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Must read books in your 20s
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The 20s, the age when every one of us is filled with energy, everybody has many dreams in their eyes and they have entered the age group in which within 10 years their career path will be decided. There every decision from now on will impact the rest of their lives immensely. So, keeping in mind this fact, I have brought you a small collection of books which are must-read books in your 20s.

These books are small but really very effective and will surely help you build up your personality. A personality which is difficult to ignore by others.

The collection includes books that will develop your talking skills, body language, will help you improve your daily routine, and most importantly will try to boost your confidence and determination towards your goal.

With this note, I shall leave you with the reviews of the book and will look forward for your feedback.

Happy reading and wishing you all the luck and hope that books will be of great help to you.



The 5 am club by Robin Sharma
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We all want to be successful in life, for this we search for perfect Role models who will inspire us. For example, if we want to be an entrepreneur, our role model will surely be one of the world’s top leaders to always look for inspiration.

And that’s great but there is something more you should consider apart from just taking inspiration, and that is how they get prepared to achieve what they achieve. For this, the author Robin Sharma brings up this fantastic book for all of us. Robin Sharma is a globally respected humanitarian who is followed by many top world leaders for his guidance.

It is his guidance which he has put forward for the world to learn and execute. In this book, you will learn the way our great geniuses, business titans start their mornings to produce astonishing achievements.

Can’t wake up early? This book has a formula which you can use to wake up early and feel inspired, focused to get the most out of the day.

This book consists of steps through which you will be able to make out that extra time that you can use for your betterment. It can be anything from exercise to personal growth.

A must-read books in your 20s for that charismatic individual who wants to do something and have dreams in his/her eyes.

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The Monk who sold his ferrari by Robin Sharma
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A book which if you are a book reader has definitely come to your ears at least once. And why shouldn’t it, at least I reading the book can say it. Robin Sharma has put the story of this book beautifully which will inspire you, increase your willpower and inner strength which are important ingredients to achieve any dream.

It consists of an extraordinary story of Julian Mantle, a successful lawyer forced to take a break from his successful career but out of balance life. He then goes to the Himalayas from where he has attained life-changing lessons which have let him get rid of the feeling towards mere materialistic things which he has attained from his wealth.

But what he has attained are powerful lessons that will help us attain deep happiness and lasting personal peace in this competitive life. It will help us to become the most positive person who doesn’t let any negativity grab him/her.

Not only this, this book will let you know the authentic greatness that lies within you and will help you go forward for your life’s mission.

This book has transformed the thinking of many greats of this world, and to read it at this very young age will surely make a great impact in your career in the future.



Think straight book
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If you have just thought of starting something new, and instantly that new is reading books, then this book is the most ideal one without a doubt.

It’s an international bestseller book talking about you and your mind which is often occupied by thinking, worrying, stressing, and freaking out. And most of the time what we are stressed about doesn’t require so much attention in reality. But you and I accept it or not do have this bad habit to stress out, overthink a lot, etc.

In this book what the author has done, that has put forward skills that will help you to think clearly, and most importantly, think what you want to think and not what your mind tells you to think.

It’s a quick read small book that will make you realize the importance of taking control of your mind and also how to do it. Learning these skills in such a short time will help you improve your life, career, relationships, and even your business or job.

It’s a must read books in your 20s and do keep it close to your study table for future references.

Amazon Rating – 4.5/5

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Do it today book
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Success is easy to achieve, we all know to achieve anything we have to do difficult, tedious, and unsatisfying tasks. If you want to climb the corporate ladder, you have to form an alliance, meet different people, make strategies, and you have to do great in whatever you do.

All these need to be done and we know it. Every senior person we meet will tell you all this.

But at this very age in your 20s, very few will suggest you go deep within yourself. When you go you will realize you have to win another battle before anything else, and that is the battle with procrastination.

And that’s why this book becomes more important for you. The author has shown simple but effective methods by which we can get rid of this procrastination which will help you in doing much more things at a given time which took several days previously by you yourself.

This book focuses on today and not tomorrow and not even yesterday. It has a simple say, whatever you have to do, do it today and not tomorrow.

A small but effective book and has an Amazon rating of 4.5/5 which makes this book more credible. 



How to talk to anyone book
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As the book heading already describes, this book is all about making effective conversations. And here the author is not talking about one or two ways but about 92 ways or tricks of effective conversations that you will learn through this book.

I can say as a reader of this book, that you will have to come back to this book again and again for guidance since this book has a trick for almost every career. Whether you are a business owner, a student, an employee, or anything this book will not leave you, of course in the end it’s your choice.

The author has discussed about the keywords and phrases that you can use, how your body language plays an important role in communicating and how you can improve it if required.

This book has contents including the ways to make effective first impression, master small talk and big talks, how to build rapport with anyone, how to feed someone’s ego, ways to make your phone a powerful communication tool, and many more.

The book has over 300 pages but I will recommend reading this slowly because when you will do it, you will get time to actually experiment with the learnings with people and when you will see the positive results, you will surely read it with more interest.

Amazon rating 4.5/5.


These are some of the must-read books in your 20s that you should go through, of course there many more and I will keep you updated with them as well in this blog.

The books will cost you a little but trust me this will be the best investment you will ever make for your professional as well as personal growth.

Related blogs will be available soon.

Remember, it’s your website, so these are my opinions and not the top 5 all-time great books. But yes, these books are a must read in your 20s. Especially, if you are a beginner in reading.

Happy reading as it has the capacity to change your life.


My name is Susobhan Bose, an Entrepreneur by profession, Engineer by skill, a motivator by choice and a serious enthusiast of books. I do discuss topics regarding book reviews/Motivation/Inspiration. Books do play a huge part in my life in getting many solutions of my problems in a much better and mature way and I am committed to provide you those exact lesons through this blog in simple yet effective way. This blog will contain book reviews and articles containing topics like Attitde development, human relation values, effective biographies, anxiety management, stress management , and many more. Hope you will like like it. Happy reading.

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