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This book is to celebrate the intelligence that we inherit from our very birth. It makes us realize that our intelligence is a natural quality of life and not gifted.

But somehow most of us have stopped using this quality and made this a special quality that only a few acquire. Moreover, we have become dependent upon others to show the path that we ourselves could have found out if we had used our intelligence.

The author has put his effort to make us realize how wonderful our mind is and what can it become if we use it effectively. It will show us the reality about what mistakes we do in general and what we can do if we use our intelligence.


This book is for the people who have developed a question within themselves. The question that “Is there any other good and effective way to do things that we normally do?” This very question’s answer is this book. The author terms this other way as a process. A process of bringing quality of intelligence into things that we do.

The author believes and also will make us believe that we all have this quality and how we can use it to its fullest. It’s about having the faith that we can bring the change that the world needs. And this change will come when we realize our intelligence within us.


This blog contains about 19 points that will enlighten our mind about its strengths, its weaknesses and how it can be strengthened. Below are the points and a click to any of the points will take you straight to that topic.


Intelligence is not an achievement. Every living being is born intelligent in its own way. Whether its plants, birds or humans.

But we humans have missed the plot. Due to which our intelligence has submerged and has resulted in a number of problems which could have been avoided.

Problems like finding a leader for showing the path, being greedy for the impossible, having the fear of the unknown future, being unloving, full of hatred, and copying others by losing our own individuality. But our intelligence works in another way. Probably the way which should be followed and should be developed.

Intelligent people are not in dependence of a leader. They do not fall in the trap of fear that destroys intelligence. As when the person is in fear, that’s the time when he/she seeks for the leader. Intelligent people believe that their intelligence is much more powerful than the problem.

People who are intelligent are not greedy. Because they are confident and satisfied with the possible. He/she never works for the impossible and knows his/her limitations. This helps in giving more time to valuable things that they can contribute largely.

Intelligent people don’t fear the future because he/she knows that future is unpredictable. And if we build fear for this unpredictability, then our present will get destroyed. They believe in planning for the future and not fear for the future.

Man has been imitating to become somebody else. But intelligent person tries to be himself/herself at all cost. It will be risky in this imitating world but an intelligent person knows that life happens to those who have the courage to take that risk.

Intelligence is to make the utmost use of the present moment that is available. One should remain a process and should never become a thing. And that’s intelligence.


The non-usage of a man’s intelligence is what makes a man stupid. The interesting part here is, stupid can only be called to us humans because with humans there is hope. As humans have the potential to achieve anything he/she wants but in reality, many of us are not doing it. And this is why the author says us stupid.

We are either living in the past or are thinking about the future forgetting to live in the very present. This is stupidity. Intelligence is to be concerned about living in the present with great love, intensity, and awareness.

But this stupidity can’t be blamed on us completely. As our society, the crowd and our religion want us to remain stupid. Because once we attain our intelligence, we would no more be willing to be part of the crowd.

We would want to have our own lifestyle, the way of seeing, being, and growing all will be different from the crowd. And this is what is not acceptable.

Things become more complicated when it’s realized that humans are aware of their intelligence. But in spite of using it, this awareness results in a bigger problem which is, it creates EGO.

This ego is formed by our parents, schools, and colleges. This is done by making us realize that man for centuries had to and still have to struggle for survival. And to survive in this life, strong egos need to be developed.

This ego ultimately forms a thick layer of darkness which covers one’s intelligence which needs the open sky, the sun to grow, and expand.

Intelligence teaches us to love and to live totally, to respect others and treat everyone equally and not exploit others in order to succeed and satisfy the ego.


This statement again can be misinterpreted but there is a fine line between following JUST the orders and following the orders. As following the order is when we understand the given order and our intelligence feels satisfied to follow it. In this way, we are following our own intelligence.

Whereas following just the orders is accepting to whatever is said without any questions asked. This can be said as efficient but not at all intelligent.

Intelligent people cannot bow down to things which they cannot accept. They are not afraid to depend on themselves. He/she trusts their own being. They love and respect themselves first and then respects others.

It’s a disgrace for us that our society is full of superstitions. All kinds of nonsense prevail in the name of religion, politics, literature, and art. Whereas if we had used our intelligence and not just followed orders of the so-called our leaders, the world would have been a much better place to live in.


A human mind contains the whole of evolution from the lowest creature to the highest genius. All of them are living together simultaneously. This means in brief that the idiot is within us and so is the genius. And unfortunately, the idiot is more than the genius due to its long history.

Because for the growth of this genius we need to develop a particular cell in the brain called the nourishing cell. And this is developed by what we think, and apply.

So, what is the thing that’s stopping us to do so? It’s our belief. We are told to believe more than to do anything. Before starting the work in any idea, we are told that someone has already done that and failed and we will also fail. So, believe in that and stop whatever you are doing.

Result? Our genius never gets developed, and our idiot grows more.

The UNKNOWN TREASURE of the mind never gets opened.

We should remember that Nature provides us with whatever we need. Whatever we have is not given by God, by fate; but has been created by our need. And this creation has occurred due to working on an idea that was new and necessary. Extreme thinking and usage of mind’s potential in the right direction have resulted in the fulfilment and development of us humans.

Humans are the weakest of mammals present on the planet. And due to this weakness, humans are also the most intelligent of all. Because they were not provided with special physical capability like others. But they had their mind which they used for thinking and bringing out new possibilities for survival.

And this thinking did and will be the foundation of a human being’s development as a species. Believing in an idea without doing anything is nothing.


“Whether it is right or wrong, true or false – just go on repeating it with conviction. Nobody is bothered about its rationality and logic. Those people are in search of conviction, not in search of the truth. They are in search of somebody who knows it.”

Adolf Hitler in his autobiography.

And this has been the problem. Commitment comes from our very doubt. We cannot really convince ourselves that what we are doing is right. Humans search for certainty. And this gives a chance to some people to come in our lives claiming that they are familiar with our problems and certain to what should be done. But in fact, they are just ahead of us in a direction that they themselves don’t know where it will lead.

The leader also is uncertain, he too is trembling and knows nothing. All the leader knows is to shout better than us and a good actor than us as he can pose well as if he knows. But deep down he is trembling, he needs a great following which will help him to get rid of his fear, which will convince him that he knows.

Another weapon used by the leaders is the weapon of promising. They are not concerned about the promises they make since they are not concerned about its fulfilment. People believe in those promises because they want to believe (Remember that unknown treasure part?).

So, what should humans do?

We can do is bring a change in us. Let the genius in us evolve. We can remain as an individual and discuss our doubts and uncertainty with more like-minded people who have proved their trial over similar problems.

We should welcome every religion, their beliefs, their gods and accept their preferences. Accepting the differences is what makes humans genius.


Confused? I too was when I heard it for the first time.

But the logic behind it is that we should use our mind as to any other machine. A machine which is there to serve us. Because if this mind is not used by us, then it will use us itself, and that will be dangerous.

Because a machine is a blind thing, hence it is bound to take us into some trouble. Mind just keeps on repeating the information that has been fed into it. And it’s perfectly alright to store information which can be used whenever necessary.

The problem begins when that information is not needed and still it is used. Probably the reason why problems relating to religion are here. We don’t analyse the present importance of the scenario and make our decisions with respect to the information that has been available all through the years of growing up.

We should be flexible with our beliefs. And be the one who can accept the change that comes with the present situation. And take decisions as per the situation demands. Life belongs to the fluid, and the one who remains fixed with a piece of information becomes a thing.


When understanding arises, thinking disappears. Because we think when we don’t understand.

Thinking is like a blind man groping his way. But understanding is like having eyes; we see to what we are groping. Thinking cannot give us the right answer because thinking can only repeat that which is known. But understanding is fresh. It has nothing to do with the past. Understanding is here, it is now. 

Understanding is pure intelligence. It is originally ours. Knowledge can be given, but intelligence is our own sharpened being.

We can sharpen our being through meditation. Through meditation, we can reclaim our own being, our originality, our childhood, innocence, and freshness. And out of that freshness, when we act, we act out of understanding not because of the past but our response will be as per the present challenges.

When we will be the person of understanding. We then will be able to use our accumulated knowledge in a better way. A way which will help us in making other people understand in our own way, in our own style.


It’s important for every one of us to move our behaviour from reaction based to response based. Because reaction is from the thoughts but response is understanding.

Reaction comes from the past; it doesn’t analyse the condition and just reacts. As when somebody insults us, we don’t analyse the said words. That person may have simply pointed out the truth for which we should be thankful for him, but we just react and get angry. This happens because of our reaction-based approach.

In fact, we never get irritated or angry unless there is some truth in the said words by the other person. Thus, whenever this type of situation arises of someone being rude or insulting to us. We just need to analyse the said words as if anything useful is being said. If not, then simply ignore or laugh at it at the most as being rude or jealous or angry, is his/her character and not ours.

In reality, intelligence is the capability to respond to any situation and not the reaction of it.


The mind is one of the most beautiful, the most complex, the most evolved mechanisms. It has served us well, and it continues to do so. Due to this mind, we all have repeated the same old story again and again. And now this mind has become our master and we have become its servant. And this is the problem.

This mind tries to substitute. Whenever we lack something the mind tries to arrange a substitute for it. We need to beware of it; the mind is the greatest falsifier. It helps, it tries to console us, it gives us something false so that we no longer hanker for the real. For example, we often dream of food when we are fasting the whole day. That’s substitute that the mind creates.

We should remember always: That which nourishes us is real, and that which simply gives us a consolation is very dangerous. As because of this consolation we will not seek real food.

Thus, let’s become the master of ourselves and take immediate action. Whenever the mind tries to give us a substitute, don’t listen to it. To do this we need to have faith. Faith to achieve the objective and not settle down with any consolation.

This faith is dangerous and so is understanding. The reality is dangerous. We will have to put our whole life at stake. It needs the courage of our own.


As per the research conducted by psychologists. They have discovered that by the time great politicians reach the highest posts, their intelligence has already lessened.

They have warned the world that people above sixty or seventy elected as Prime Minister and President are dangerous for the world because they have so much power and so little intelligence left.

But here is the interesting and the more dangerous part. It is that the people who are chosen prime ministers and presidents are chosen because of their low intelligence only. This happens because people don’t like intelligent people. People like people who look like them; who are like them. They feel they are not strangers and intelligent people will be strangers.

People choose dull, dead persons to be in power because they can be safe with them. Countries choose the average person to be in power because they will save their traditions, their conventions. Instead of destroying the very poison, they will strengthen them.

It is certainly dangerous to have unintelligent people in the powerful post. But one question that needs to be asked. Why does it happen?

The answer to it is people don’t want to change. Change is difficult and so is avoided.


Simple obedience without thinking is one of the greatest crimes because all other crimes are born out of it. It deprives us of any reasoning, decisiveness, and any responsibility. It destroys our identity as individuals.

Disobedience in regular terms means to deny what is been said. This type of disobedience may bring certain consequences like anger and hatred.

But here we are talking about a different kind of disobedience. This will not bring any consequence like the above but will bring a certain sense of trust for you in others. It’s a disobedience which contains our justification for not following the said instructions.

This type of disobedience contains intelligence since when we say no to certain things with a perfect justification, we hold responsibility for our words. This responsibility is not a game. It is one of the most authentic ways of living.

A person of intelligence is bound to ask why. Why he/she is said to do a certain job? Is it beneficial of any kind? These questions are natural to come.

But these questions should not be considered as questions related to any hating an individual of any kind. But it’s just being clear that it is up to us, that we have to be the decisive factor in all our actions in life. If we are not going to do it, explain to the person without any anger, because anger simply shows that we are weak, that we don’t really have an intelligent answer.

Just simply explain the whole thing; by this perhaps the other person may find that we are right and maybe thankful to us. Or perhaps the other person may have a better reason than us; then we will be thankful to the other person because he/she has raised our intelligence.


The society is stopping us from being intelligent. This may sound a bit strange thinking that how can this society in which we all live in be a stopping factor.

But it has. After a child is born, this society immediately starts writing its religion of Christian, Hindu, Mohammedan on the baby. The society cannot wait for the child to grow. The society is much afraid that if the child’s intelligence is kept intact, then he/she will never be part of any slavery of any structure of domination.

He/she will ask justification for every valid point and that is not tolerable by our society. This society wants to cut the wings of the child immediately. So, he/she never learns to walk on his own feet, so that he/she always remains in a kind of dependence.

Society prepares us to be cunning so that we are capable of competing in this struggle of existence. And this cunningness is a poor substitute of intelligence.

The difference between a cunning and an intelligent person is that an intelligent person keeps his/her innocence intact. The innocence which makes us human beings, that which promotes humanity. But the cunning person is ready to sell his/her soul for small things and is not bothered about humanity, all he/she is bothered about is himself/herself.

Reading this if any one of us is thinking that how can we get that intelligence which is being said then we have to achieve than we need to develop that innocence.

Good thing is that innocence doesn’t need to be achieved, it is already there. It has only to be discovered or rediscovered. Just be simple as a child and innocence will get developed. This innocence is the door to humanity. Knowledge is the barrier and innocence is the bridge.


Yes, this life that we are breathing is a gift. Only a few privileged are honoured with this life and we should try to live it with full of gratitude and joy. We should live to grow to be ourselves, to our full strength, to our full understanding.

If this mentality is achieved of growing our own self instead of copying others than our earth will be full of powerful people, of tremendous strength, and understanding.

But the harsh truth is that right from our teachers, neighbours, society and even our parents have not accepted ourselves the way we are. Unknowingly though, they have all tried to improve upon us, to make us better. Everybody is pointing out the flaws, the mistakes, the error and the weakness that every human being is born with.

Nobody gives importance to our inner beauty, our intelligence. Nobody actually tells to be thankful for our existence that few are privileged with. Everyone is having complains and pointing out that we are not what we should be.

What is praised in real life is our future, if we can become someone respectable, powerful, rich, in some way famous, not just a nobody.

We need to change this. We need to build a better society, where there will be more understanding people, nobody will try to change anybody. Everyone will try to help each other to be to their own self. That will be a real richness. The real power.


Simplicity is to be yourself and not the urge to become somebody else. Moreover, the moment we are interested in becoming somebody else we become complex. To be satisfied, to accept our own self is simplicity.

Here is a thing to be noted that living with simplicity doesn’t mean to live with poverty. A person who wants to acquire wealth, and who is wealthy too can live this life of simplicity. It’s just about leaving the habit to copy somebody else. We can be inspired by somebody but not copy them. Because that will not be real.

In copying others, we are not the one which we are in-depth. We will be a different person on the surface and a different on the depth. And the fact is that only the depth matters, the surface never. That is what is going to be decisive about us because God is only in contact with our depth. And the surface is in contact with only the society.

Moreover, when we are trying to becoming somebody else, our energy gets dissipated in that trial. We all have felt the tiredness we feel when we do some work that we don’t like. But when we do something we like, it impossible to feel the tiredness. This is what being simple mean in real sense.

Simplicity means living moment to moment spontaneously and not according to some philosophy. It means to be in a deep friendship with oneself. It’s about being aware of the present and respond as per the situation. Not getting in the trap of past and the future. It’s about enjoying the sun, the clouds moving, the rain and accepting oneself as it is and developing in due course.


The major part of humanity has remained unintelligent because it has trusted in philosophies and not its own intelligence.

We have to remember that each child is born intelligent. It is not gifted but a natural thing. If we are alive, we are intelligent. But people think it to be gifted because many of them stop using it and hence it slowly starts disappearing from our lives.

We need to change this and encourage our senses of intelligence to grow. This is applicable to the newborn children as well. As parents, we should teach them to trust their own intelligence. We need to help the children to be independent as soon as possible, to be on their own. The whole effort should be to make the child use his/her intelligence.

Growth will come in a human being when he/she takes the effort to find the correct answer by himself/herself, and not being worried about its correctness. We should come to the right answer by our own efforts, by our own growth; then there is intelligence.

We should not be concerned about the right and wrong, because in reality all this concern with the right and our fear of the wrong is nothing but our fear of the insecure. The right makes us secure, the wrong makes us insecure, but life is itself insecure. There is no security anywhere. We may have a bank balance. But the bank can go bankrupt any day.

Living in uncertainty, living in insecurity, is simplicity in real sense. Living a life not rooted in the past, not motivated by the future. But a life of simplicity is utterly here and now.


The misconception is of freedom. We, humans, feel ourselves to be free. Since we live in a free country, we can be stated as free human beings.

But in reality, we are not. Or to be more clear, ordinary human beings does not want to be free. He wants to be dependent. He wants somebody else to guide him.

Why? So that he can throw the whole responsibility on the shoulders of somebody else. But they forget that these throwing away of responsibilities are making them more unintelligent. It is the responsibility, the challenge of responsibility, that creates humans free.

One has to accept life with all its problems. One has to go through life unprotected, one has to seek and search one’s own way. We need to remember, life is an opportunity, a challenge, to find ourselves.

By following others, we are not allowing our intelligence to come out. It needs a challenging life, an adventurous life, a life that knows to take that risk, who has the guts to try the unknown, for intelligence to arise.

Only our own intelligence can save us and nobody else. If we let others lead and guide us, then we will remain stupid and we will go on missing the treasures of life which are meant to be ours.


The main reason for this feeling is because we, most of the time throughout the day are spectators and not the participants. What is meant by this statement is that at an average we spent 5-6 hours of the day by just watching and not doing anything.

We watch movies, boxing, cricket and football matches just as spectators. As if we have lost contact with life. We simply become happy by seeing others living their dreams.

The main question should be asked here is, why can’t we do something instead of just watching? Why can’t we play football or cricket instead of watching??

In reality, what we have done is we have left the whole of life for others to live on our behalf, and then we ask where the meaning has gone, why we don’t feel alive. The fact here is, spectators cannot have significance, only participants do have it.

It is the DOING that keeps our juices running. If we are simply watching, our own juices will dry up and due to this emptiness, we feel meaningless.

Now, the trouble is how will we start feeling some purpose in life, some joy, as it needs a surrounding to gather those feelings.

That surrounding can be achieved by meditation. It will bring us back to action, back to love, back to purpose. And then naturally, we will see that it is time for something to be done.

Because what meditation does is that it helps us find the meaning of life not outside, but within ourselves. Anybody who looks inward is bound to find it. It is not far away; it has not been far at any moment. It’s just arising our own self through this medium of meditation.


This may sound something new but, boredom is the price one pays for intelligence. This boredom should not be taken negatively. It can be said to this extent as well that those who are fed up with themselves are actually blessed.

This is actually good, because in understanding this, there is a possibility, that this boredom may make us realize that we should move out of our comfort zone and try out new initiatives. And this is what can-do wonders in one’s life.

When we are fed up, naturally we will start wondering to find answers about what we individually can do to make things better. That is the time when we move inward, that is we concentrate on ourselves.

When we do so, we should be relaxed, and have a tremendous amount of patience, these are the ways to go in. As if we try and make an effort to do so, it will not be in, because whatever we do with effort moves outside. It’s a difficult job to do at first, but once we are relaxed, we will be in, we will be able to centre ourselves.

And when through that inwardness our centering arises, new interests, new enthusiasm, new style, a new way to live will come.


We accept it or not but we all do face this problem of losing our self confidence in those crunch moments when it actually does matter.

But here is the twist. The twist is that people who are not fully confident are in a real sense more intelligent. Intelligence is hesitant. And that’s obvious since there are millions of opportunities, millions of alternatives and only one can be chosen. Every road looks the same, and we don’t know what one road will lead to so being hesitant is quite natural and should not be taken as any demerit.

But in place of that, we should accept it as a natural process of life. If everything would have been preset and preplanned and we were just given instructions then the thrill, the challenge all would be lost. Life is always thrilling because each step brings us to another crossroads, to another choice.

Don’t ask for absolute good and absolute wrong as in life there is nothing like that. There are 1001 alternatives between good and bad. We should just look around objectively, unworried and whatsoever feels a little bit better than others, move on it. But once the choice has been made, there should be no scope for other alternatives, because they don’t matter anymore. Then we can move ahead with confidence and that will be the most important step.

Because once the decision has been made, our whole energy should be given to it. This is how we should use the hesitation. It doesn’t matter whether our decision will be right or wrong. We may surely be wrong but that would be blessing as it will increase our experience.

The only thing that is important is not to be stuck somewhere in hesitation. But we should use this hesitation in order to do something wonderful with our life.


This may sound a bit awkward but when we go into a deep relationship with somebody, then a great need urges, the urge to be alone. It’s not due to any negative reason, but it’s the reason of feeling spent, exhausted, and tired.

The deep love relations are so beautiful that it takes a toll of energy from oneself and both of them needs the alone time which will help them to regain their own being. There is a basic difference between a healthy relationship and a toxic relationship and that needs to be identified.

This time is pretty critical as many unintelligent relationships do not understand this basic need and find the relation into trouble after some days due to their mere egos. They never leave each other alone, they are constantly with each other, tiring and boring each other, never leaving any space for the other to be themselves.

But the fact is both of them must understand this need to be alone and also make each other understand that their love for each other was so much that this need to regather their own self has emerged in order to be full again. It’s should not be considered as an act of rejection or ignorance but both should feel proud of themselves that they made it possible to this level.

Love gives the freedom to be oneself. In one way it does makes one soul in two bodies but in another way, it gives us the individuality and the uniqueness. It helps us to drop our small selves, but it also helps us to attain our supreme self. If these small things are understood by both then slowly both of them will understand each other more and more. And finally, a relationship will be built where there will be no egos or misunderstandings but only respect and love is always respectful.


With this we come to the end of the blog, a blog which has made me realize a lot about life, about me and the society we live in.

It will try to change your perspective as well about religion, society, and culture. It has showed that the society, culture, and nation all exists for the individual. Everything else can be sacrificed but not the individual and neither his individuality. It focuses your approach for any situation towards response based from the reaction based which will help you understand and also make someone understand things in a much better way.

This blog will teach you to put your very self-first and not your mind. It will encourage you to put actions and not settle yourself with consolations. It will make you realize some hard facts which will be difficult to digest. And also make you understand the importance of being disobedient in a positive way and how important it is to be this.

Finally, I would like to end this blog with the last words of Gautam Buddha:

“Be a light unto yourself. Do not follow others, do not imitate, because imitation, following, creates stupidity. You are born with a tremendous possibility of intelligence. You are born with a light within you. Listen to the still, small voice within, and that will guide you. There has never been anyone who was exactly like you, and nobody is ever again going to be exactly like you. This is your glory, your grandeur- that you are utterly irreplaceable, that you are just yourself and nobody else.”


My name is Susobhan Bose, an Entrepreneur by profession, Engineer by skill, a motivator by choice and a serious enthusiast of books. I do discuss topics regarding book reviews/Motivation/Inspiration. Books do play a huge part in my life in getting many solutions of my problems in a much better and mature way and I am committed to provide you those exact lesons through this blog in simple yet effective way. This blog will contain book reviews and articles containing topics like Attitde development, human relation values, effective biographies, anxiety management, stress management , and many more. Hope you will like like it. Happy reading.


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